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Our priority is your child's safety

We provide variety of services to ensure the safety and comfort of your child.

What is guardianship?

An educational guardian or education guardian , is an adult who lives in the UK and who is appointed by a parent to act on their behalf and as their representative while their child studies here.

Our guardianship services include:


  •   Regular contact


Edugo Guardian will make regular contact with students, parents, and schools. If a problem arises, the Edugo Guardian will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Edugo Guardian provides WeChat, KakaoTalk, or Whatsapp accounts to students and families for effective communication.

  •   In case of emergency


We will immediately visit the school to help the student and notify the student's parents as soon as possible. Emergency contacts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case of an emergency.

Students studying at UK schools for more than six months are eligible for free medical treatment under the National Health Service (NHS). English boarding schools usually have a school nurse or a matron, and their day-to-day medical help is handled at the school. However, if serious health problems occur, the school or host family will use the local NHS doctor.


  •   Non-NHS medical care


If a student needs treatment that is not covered by the NHS, Edugo Guardian will arrange for an appropriate treatment at an additional cost, notify the student's parents in advance, and the student's parents will pay for the student's treatment.


  •   School Parent Meeting *

Our guardianship team will attend the school’s parents' evening and school events such as school awards, school concerts, school plays, and sports days, if necessary. Such a case may be considered a regular school visit or may be made in agreement with the parent in advance.

  •   Transportation

Edugo Guardian helps to provide transportation within the UK. If the school or host family provides transportation, contact the student, the parent, and the school or host family for student safety.

  •   Airport pick-up and Unaccompanied Minor service


The Edugo Guardian will arrange for the student's pick-up from the UK airport and take them to their destination (school boarding or homestay) by Edugo Guardian staff or a person who is appointed by the Edugo Guardian and who is DBS checked.

 * For the Sixth Form Guardianship Service, please ask for the service.

Edugo Guardian Policies

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