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What is the School Immersion Programme?

The School Immersion Programme offers overseas students the opportunity to learn and speak the English language whilst experiencing British school life. Students attend one of a variety of day or boarding schools and participate with other students in a daily timetable from the school curriculum. Not only do students experience local culture, but they also have the opportunity to make long term friends with British students.

These courses run for an agreed time ranging from two weeks to a whole term or even the full academic year. During this time students enrolled in a boarding school partake in organised recreational activities. Alternatively they may reside with host families where they join in meals and participate in their social activities. 

The Benefits of the School Immersion Programme

Young confident Vietnamese woman posing

Students grow in self confidence and initiative.

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There may be the opportunity for short stay students to extend their time at the school to full-time study.

Family Portrait at the Park

They can choose to stay in boarding schools or with host families, depending on the programme.


Students are able to participate in leisure and adventure activities with their school or hosts.


They are able to increase their independence and develop resilience.  

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Depending on availability,  students can choose to attend single sex or mixed schools and become fully integrated into school life.

We work with different day and boarding schools across the UK and can provide you with the best options based on personal preference, required location and available budget.

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