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We provide a choice of packages customised to support international students throughout their stay in the UK

Edugo Guardian is a leading UK based company with a strong reputation for guardianship and school placement services.

The safety and wellbeing of your child is our top priority


What is a

In the UK international students under the age of 18 are required to have a guardian. 

Our Guardianship Services offer you a responsible adult who will provide parental protection for your child whilst they are studying in the UK. 


  • A Guardian will ensure that the living arrangements for your child are suitable and safe and deal with any concerns related to homestays. 

  • A Guardian can be an important liaison between your child, the school and you, ensuring that they can be supported during their term time and when they are with their host families during the holidays. They can attend school meetings and handle school related matters on your behalf.

  • A Guardian can maintain regular contact with your child, find healthcare services and accompany them to medical appointments if required. They ensure that your child understands the healthcare system and communicates the relevant details to parents.

  •  A Guardian can provide a home when they have to take time away from school at weekends or holidays. 

  • Guardian's main objective is to ensure that children have safe and effective care.
  • A Guardian can provide 24/7 support in the event of an emergency.
talking on phones

Regular contact

Edugo Guardian will make regular contact with students, parents, and schools. If a problem arises, the Edugo Guardian will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Edugo Guardian provides WeChat, KakaoTalk, or Whatsapp accounts to students and families for effective communication.

Fire Alarm

In case of an emergency

Edugo Guardians will immediately help the student and notify their parents as soon as possible. Emergency contacts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Students studying at UK schools for more than six months are eligible for free medical treatment under the National Health Service (NHS). English boarding schools usually have a school nurse or a matron, and their day-to-day medical help is handled at the school. However, if serious health problems occur, the school or host family will use the local NHS doctor.

Doctor and Patient

Non-NHS medical care

If a student needs treatment that is not covered by the NHS, Edugo Guardian will arrange for an appropriate treatment, notify the student's parents in advance, and the student's parents will pay for the student's treatment.

Stand Up Meeting

School Parent Meeting

Our guardianship team will attend the school’s parents' evening if required. Such a request may be considered a regular school visit or may be made in agreement with the parent in advance.

Car Interior


Edugo Guardian helps to provide transportation within the UK. In the event that transportation is arranged by the school or host family, we will communicate with the student, their parents, and the school or host family to ensure the student’s safety. well being.

at the airport

Airport pick-up and unaccompanied minor service

 Edugo Guardian will arrange for the student to be picked up at a UK airport. Edugo Guardian staff or an approved driver will then take them to their destination - boarding school or homestay. 

Leasing a Home

Vetted Homestay 

Edugo Guardians will conduct thorough evaluations of the homestay accommodations to confirm their compliance with comprehensive safeguarding criteria,  including enhanced DBS checks and specialised safeguarding instruction.

 Our guardianship services are customised to your requirements:

Guardianship packages


The Bronze Tier is designed as
an emergency support option
for sixth form and adult
students proficient in English
and capable of self-managing their studies.


This plan is designed for
students who are
self-sufficient in handling
their personal and academic responsibilities.



This service is for students new
to the
 UK educational system, offering additional support as they adjust to a different
and a new school environment.


The Diamond Tier offers a customised option providing additional benefits e.g.
Communication Services, Interpretation and Event Representation.

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