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UK School Placement 

The UK education system has a worldwide reputation for its high quality and standards. However, with over 600 boarding schools in the UK, choosing a school can be a challenge, especially for international students and their parents.

We are education experts with in-depth experience and knowledge of UK boarding schools, and we are committed to helping international students find their place in UK boarding schools.

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Edugo Guardian is certified by the BSA, the Boarding Schools’ Association.  The BSA  training and certification programme provides unrivalled assurance to BSA boarding schools that they are dealing with top-class consultants and agents who have the highest standards in recruitment, safeguarding, and student placement.

Edugo Guardian Placement Procedure

  • Initial consultation

  • Documents, including the school report

  • Consult with a placement specialist.

  • Contact the schools and maintain liaison with them.

  • Application preparation, including registration.

  • Scholarship information and application

  • Documents proofing and help with exam arrangement.

  • Help with exam preparation at an extra cost.

  • Application tracking

  • Once an offer is made, advice is given on securing the place.

  • There will be extra tips and services for Top School applications.

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