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Harrow School

5 High St, Harrow HA1 3HP

Our Super-Curriculum stretches boys beyond the (I)GCSE, A-level and Pre-U syllabuses, through activities that support learning above the measurable outcomes of examination results. Around 20% of our beaks (teachers) have doctorates and many undertake their own writing and research.

Shakespeare at Harrow
Harrow has a rich tradition and ongoing commitment to Shakespeare in performance, dating back to 1941, when Speech Room (our assembly hall) lost part of its roof following bombing in the Second World War, and the School took the opportunity to stage a production in conditions reminiscent of hakespeare’s original Globe Theatre.

Surrounded by acres of sports fields, astroturf pitches, a golf course, a swimming pool, a sports centre, and numerous tennis, rackets and fives courts, we offer a breadth of sporting opportunities to match every interest and ability. Many boys play several sports, and unique occasions like the annual Cricket match versus Eton at Lord’s provide memorable highlights in the calendar.

Boys experience opportunities for leadership throughout their School career by helping to run extra-curricular programmes, by having a position of responsibility, and by carrying out their duties. All of these activities have service at their core.

Harrow School

Entrance to the school is by competitive tests, Common Entrance and interviews. The school is oversubscribed with more than 4 applications to each of the 160 places awarded at the 11+ Pre-Selection Assessment. It particularly looks at interests outside the classroom in weighting its decision. This said, Harrow requires a minimum pass mark at Common Entrance of 60% although studying Latin or Greek is expressly not a pre-requisite for securing a place.
The 11+ pre-selection assessment takes place at Harrow in September and October two years before entry. The assessment consists of an intelligence test; short composition, interview and references.
Just 24 places are available at Sixth Form. The School looks for outstanding achievement in sport, music, drama or academically in considering whether to award a place. The sixth form assessment process includes written tests in the areas of proposed A-level study and interviews.

Harrow School

School Leavers
2020 Highlights
Harrovians in 2020 will take up places at:

Seven of the world’s top ten universities (QS World University Rankings), including Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and Harvard;
25 universities in the USA, including six of the eight Ivy League schools;
Some of the UK’s most academically selective universities, including Imperial, Durham, LSE, and UCL.
Nearly one third of Harrovians will take up places ranked in the world’s top 20 institutions, including Imperial, UPenn, and Columbia. The most common university destinations in 2020 were Edinburgh (17) Exeter (14), UCL (12), Durham (11), Bristol (8) and Cambridge (7).


          +44 7963489778

          070-7527 8363  (from Korea)

          +44 7963489778

   (Line open : 8am - 5pm UK Time)

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