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Our Relocation Service


As an experienced UK destination service provider in relocating clients from overseas, dedicated EG team will help you find the ideal home and the right school for you and your family before you arrive, saving you time and trouble with more than 20 years of rich local experience.


Our devoted team will provide each and every client with advice and support throughout the relocation process. 


Along with a dedicated property search, we provide information and advice on a wide range of areas including school searches and placement, tenancy agreement, buying-a-car, car insurance, inventory check, GP surgeries, utility suppliers, bank opening, and much more.


We will help you find the right school for your children, ideally located for your convenience.


We listen to you, understand your needs, and we work in a way that suits you.  We can send you links to potential properties and take videos on your behalf before you arrive the UK, saving you time and money.


We are proactive throughout the process. Once we have a good chat with you and understand what you require, we will give you all the relevant information so that you can make a good decision for your start in the UK – talking to you about local amenities, schools, residential information and transport, etc, and it may help you to make a good decision about which part of town will suit you best.


We help you find a property that meet your relocation requirements in the right location within your budget.


To apply for the service, please provide us with your expected arrival date in the UK, your name, email, date of birth of your child, the area you want to relocate to, and the purpose of your relocation, and we will contact you.


The service includes the followings;


1. Airport pick-up service

2. Residential rental service

•   Help you find the desired residence where to live, and when appropriate properties according to        your requirements are met, including location, and budget, we visit them for viewing on behalf of you and send you the details for your review and selection.

•  Provide a report according to viewings of short-listed properties

•  Help with Making an offer, paying the Security Deposit, and secure the property.

•  Review of the contract with you before moving in and help you with the comment on the inventory

•  If necessary, we help you to point out the contents that require remuneration

•  Close consultation with landlords and local estate agents

•  Choosing a place to live near your child’s school

3. Accompanying you to the shopping centre to purchase daily necessities

   (necessary service available upon arrival in the UK)

4. Support your child’s school placement, checking the available school places, and application process (additional fees will    be incurred when applying for a private school)

5. advice on buying a car (vehicle recommendations based on make, model, gearbox, year, total mileages, and price) and car insurance.

• When purchasing a vehicle, accompany you to visit two places within a 30km radius of the residence.

• Car History check including vehicle accidents, recorded car faults, factory recall, etc

• Car registration support

6. Help you with opening a bank account

7. Neighbourhood clinic and dental registration and council registration information

8. Help with broadband and utility services including electricity, gas, water, and TV license.

9. Oyster/rail card information

10. sim card service



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, there may be some changes in the contents of the service according to the policy of the UK government.

Happy Family

UK education experts help you choose your child's school

talking on phones

All processes are carried out with skilled manners

House Tour

Our experts are with you in the process of finding rental properties.

Moving In

We can help you settle in the UK as smoothly as possible

Holding Hands

We serve from the customer's point of view.


          +44 7963489778

          070-7527 8363  (from Korea)

          +44 7963489778

   (Line open : 8am - 5pm UK Time)

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