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If you are going to study in the UK, what about taking part in our School Integration programme and experience a taster life at a British educational institution beforehand? 

This is a fantastic  opportunity to become a British school student, staying at a British host family and attend an British state school. From this programme, you can learn academic skills, English language as well as the British culture.

After the integration programme, there is an option to join our educational tours in the UK áwith extra cost.

Duration of the school integration programme : from 2 to 7 weeks

Age of the participants: 11 to 17 years old

School Integration: 8.30-9am start, 3.30-4pm ends (depending on schools)

The programme is available from September until mid-July during term time when the British schools are open.


Our school integration programmes include;

  • Live with a British host family and travel to school every day by bus, car or on foot.

  • Meals are included.

  • Details will be shared in advance when we have placed students in families.

  • State schools we work with in the UK have anywhere from 500 to 1,800 British students.

  • Full guardianship support from a local coordinator

  • 24/7 emergency contacts

  • Available in many parts of the UK (Subject to availability in schools)

  • To/from designated airport transportation (Start/ End of programme only)


Integration is also available in private schools but price will vary from school to school, please ask for more details.

What is not included;

Local transport (if required)

Student Expense

School Uniform (if required)


We can organise English language tuition, evening programme, and weekends excursions at an extra charge.


          +44 7963489778

          070-7527 8363  (from Korea)

          +44 7963489778

   (Line open : 8am - 5pm UK Time)

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