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Being fully accredited to the Gold Standard by AEGIS, Edugo Guardian is a professional guardianship service organization. We, headquartered in London, provide educational guardianship services to almost all boarding schools across the UK.

Acquiring AEGIS' Gold standard certification means that we have met all of AEGIS's detailed and clearly defined child safety requirements and that your loved ones can be safely cared for while studying in the UK away from their parents.

The founder of Edugo Guardian studied in Education and had worked as a teacher in the UK for a long time. With a professional background, our staff work hard to meet the demand of the international students so that they feel at home while they study away from their home country.

With the teaching background at the UK school, we understand the school environment well and can help the students dealing with the difficulties and their problems while they study at the school. Our staff are well trained to handle the way efficiently on how to support the students and their needs and guide them in a right direction. We help them to understand the school and teachers’ instructions properly through the close contact with the school and the students and coordinate well between the school and student/parent so that they can build up their confidence and show a good progress in their school life in the UK.

With the love and care of mother, we take care of our students while they study in the UK.

Prioritizing their safety and pastoral care, we provide our guardianship service for the international students to study successfully in the UK while they live happily within their community.

 Our qualities


Edugo Guardian works with passion. We work with expertise in our field and passion for what we do.

Our code of ethics

 Edugo Guardian cares for your children with a sense of calling as sincerely as we care for our children.

​Edugo Guardian is AEGIS Gold accredited and we take child safety as our top priority. All staff members are committed to adherence to the UK's child safeguarding guidelines and get training regularly.


Our services

Edugo Guardian offers customizable packages depending on your needs. Start a conversation with our team members to find out more.

Boys at School

Premium guardianship p

This service is for students, who are under 14, who have never studied in the UK before, or who may need extra help adjusting to school.  We provide the services they need, mentoring them to succeed in life and study in the UK.

Standard Guardianship

The Standard Guardianship service is for a student who can manage their life independently without problems in communication or study in English.

University guardianship 

The Sixth Form Guardianship service is for sixth form students who do not have problems with English communication and can manage their school life well on their own.

College Friends

University guardianship

The University Guardianship service is a service for adult students.  In the event of an emergency, you can contact Edugo Guardian 24/7 for assistance.

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          +44 7963489778

          070-7527 8363  (from Korea)

          +44 7963489778

   (Line open : 8am - 5pm UK Time)

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