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About Us

The founder of Edugo Guardian studied in Education and had worked as a teacher in the UK for a long time.  

We understand the school environment well due to our teaching background in UK schools, and we can help the students in traversing any difficulties while they study. With a professional background, our staff work hard to meet the demand of the international students so that they feel at home while they study away from their home country.

We take care of our students while they study in the UK with utmost parental love. Prioritising their safety and care, we provide our guardianship service for the international students to complete their studies successfully in the UK while they live happily within their community.

Image by Alesia Kazantceva

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure that all the international students in our care are safe from harm at all times and can thrive in an environment which is secure and free from abuse and bullying of any kind.

We listen to their worries, concerns and thoughts and support them with love to provide them a homely and safe environment while they are away from home and study in the UK.

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